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*all tans include after care instructions & tan extender lotion*

Mobile Spray Tans 


(any type of tan)

Studio Spray Tans (Venetian 1 & 2, Double Dark, Dark, or Tuscan)


Studio Spray Tans (Rapid & Ultra Dark) 

In Studio Spray Tans

In studio spray tans are set up with your privacy in mind. Your spray tan will take place in my studio, set up with all of my solutions I have to offer. 

What Is The Difference Between Levels 1 & 2 and the Rapid or Ultra Dark Tans?

Rapid Tans : solution develops over a 5 hour period, you may shower as soon as 1 hour and as long as 5 hours. This solution is designed for a quicker solution/developing time. Tan is meant to last 6-7 days. 

Level 1-2 (bridal glow) tans are used for more fair skin tones. They are also the colors I use for brides and bridal parties. Or clients that just want a subtle bronzed glow. Tan is meant to last 6-8 days. 

Dark/Ultra Dark solutions are used on darker, bronzed skin tones. Personally, I love a good, dark, tan! I will usually suggest a level 1-2 for your first tan and can do darker tans after you are used to the solution. Tan is meant to last 7-10 days.   


Do You Offer Spray Tans On Location?

I do offer on location spray tans, mainly for bridal parties, brides, and other clients who would prefer in home/on location tans. If you book a party of 4 or more, in one location, I will offer a discount per person. 

Can I Book A Spray Tan Before My Wedding?

Yes! We will want to book your tan 2-3 days in advance before wedding to avoid rub off onto clothing/wedding dress. This will also allow your tan few days to set and provide that subtle bridal glow on your wedding day!

Do You Offer Tans For Everyone?

Yes! Anyone, male or female, can book spray tans!

How Long Before My Wedding Should I Book A Practice Tan?

If you would like to book a trial spray tan we would want to book it 1.5 months before wedding. Try and think of your bridal shower, bachelorette parties, or special events you can have your tan for too! 

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